Yelka – Minimalist Christmas Tree

Christmas tree is an essential piece of Christmas. Since the beginning of time, pine trees has been a traditional choice to be transformed into a lighted decoration in the living room. Times has passed now and we desire something with a modern touch to it yet still maintain the Christmas feel. Hence, minimalist Christmas tree is born. It’s one of the popular concept that’s taking the modern society these days. This is because, minimalist is simple and suitable to be setup in a lot of modern homes and apartments. They also rarely require any decorations at all and still look good.

Yelka is a minimalist wooden Christmas tree made with sustainable wood materials such as oak and walnut. What’s fascinating about it is that even the process is made with environment-friendly in mind. The wood is treated with natural oils and powder coating is used to paint. The packaging comes in a box that is designed to be reused. No plastic parts are used in any way at all.

Assembling this modern tree is simple as abc. It comes with two basic parts as the skeleton. It has a base and a rod. The rod can be connected to the base with screws. Then, it’s all a matter of slotting in the branches through the rod. Each branches can be rotated around the center. So, you can always turn it around as how you like it to be. The final piece will act like a cap and will just be placed on top. No screwing needed at all.

Yelka is basically a solid stacked wood pieces formed in the shape of a Christmas tree. It is designed to be minimalist and safe for both children and pets. The sturdy base can cushion the rough treatment from all possible naughty company. It has a square and cross base. The tree looks fine as its own. But, you can always add some special decoration props as your personal touch. Wrapping it with faux evergreens and string lights is always a good choice. Everyone will love a warm-looking Christmas tree. Each branch has its significant other piece. The pieces should go side by side when packed into the box. It can fit perfectly into the box in a nice compact shape. You can take it out every Christmas and give it a new themed decoration for a brand new look!


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