8 Incredible Modern Lighting You Need To See

Light is like the soul to your home. Well lit places will make your home looks warmer and cozy. Therefore, careful placement of light plays an important role in our abode. The design of the lamp comes into play next. Nowadays, tons of designs are being manufactured for consumer use. They’re basically work of art fused with light function. Here’s some unique modern lighting designs that will blow your mind!

1. Iconic Eyes

German designer, Bernhard Dessecker combined the a component of the automobile industry with interior lighting to create this intricate lamp design which he call ‘Iconic Eyes’. Each of the light bulb of this lamp was made of the headlights of BMW cars. It is designed to look like a shape, allowing it to illuminate the entire surrounding.


2. Cactus Popup Lighting

It’s light in cactus form! These pop up lighting projects the shape of cactus onto the wall. Not forgetting to mention that the body design is shaped to a pot, it looks as if the cactus of light is growing on it. It was initially designed to bring a warm tropical shape into the house so as to light up the mood. It comes with three features of shape. The first option is straight and narrow with two stems, the second is a rounder silhouette with stems, and the third is a smaller rounded and prickly shape.


3. Levimoon

A piece of room lighting decor gets a touch of the lunar surface in this modernistic piece of lamp! The moon levitates on top of the walnut wood base. The base itself also acts as a charge board. What’s cool about it is that the moon gets charged too while it floats! The color and brightness of the lamp is also alterable to create your desired mood.


4. ‘MILO’ Light Puts Greenery in the Spotlight

Living in the urban city, most of us gets less and less exposure to nature. Milo is a hanging light that combines lighting with a touch of nature. It is designed to integrate more plants into your abode in a big way. The glass shade is handblown with perforation huge enough for you to place a single potted plant inside. The transparent glass shade also allows a full 360 degree view of the entire plant. This light makes it possible for one to put in their favorite potted plant into display. It’s an ideal customizable lamp that promotes connection with nature.


5. Raptor Lamp 2.0

It’s time to illuminate your space the dinosaur way! Raptor Lamp 2.0 works like a basic table lamp. Instead of having a normal stick body, the entire lamp is shaped to that of a dinosaur. The dinosaur lamp is made with plastic and aluminium. The light bulbs are located within its mouth. User can open or close the jaw to adjust the lighting. This lamp is so cool, it can also hold your phone!


6. Elfy

Elfy is a smart companion lamp that you can play with. The surface is made of silicon which is soft and smooth to the touch. You can tap it or poke it to help you release some tension. User can also tap Elfy to change the light setting to suit your needs. This mood light lamp is rechargeable. Each charge allows it to be used for about 5 hours.


7. Little Star Light

It’s a unique light that you can bring anywhere! Little Star Light offers a stunning feature of being able to be placed on the wall anywhere. It is not attached to any socket. So, it rids of the problem of cable length. It needs to be charged prior to use. When the sun goes down or the light is off, it will turn on by itself. This ideal design is able to provide kids with comfort light needed to accompany them throughout the night.


8. Eggie – Water Resistant & Rechargeable Lamp

Eggie is the perfect lighting created for adorable night decor, outdoor camping and more! It is not attached to any wire. That makes it portable. You can bring it anywhere that needs lighting. It does come with a charging port where you can place when not in use. The battery can last up to 7 hours. Instead of using switch, user can shake it to turn the light on or off. How cool is that? You can also decorate the exterior, making this unique lamp customizable to your style.


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