TiKA’ Modular Design Kit – A Geometric Structure Building Toy

It is well-known fact that creating DIY projects helps keep your mind sharp. It encourages you to play with the creative side of your head. DIY can go far beyond simple things such as handicrafts that kids love. It can be something that can be beneficial to you and your family. Not forgetting to mention, it’s a very productive way to make use of your free time! Having to see your creation delivering an impact will give you a sense of accomplishment.

TiKA is a new modular design kit that is starting to come into the light of the DIY world. It allows DIYers to put their hands in creating customized and functional pieces such as planter support and table lamps for their home. This design kit ultimately gives the opportunity for the consumer to be involved in the design of the product that they will use. The consumers can customize it however they want, whenever they want.

How does TiKA work? The kit uses round-shaped neodymium magnet as the ‘adhesive’ of the entire construct. Neodymium magnets are strong magnets because they are not prone to demagnetization. Its magnetism can last for very long time. It is estimated that it will take 100 years for it to lose only 5% of its magnetism power. The kit also comes with various different parts that enables you to create different projects. For example, it has the basic modular building kit that you can use to create the frames of your project. There’s also pots that allows you to build your planters with it. All can be combined however you want to build both small and monolithic projects. It also makes a nice little toy that you can enjoy with your friends. It is recommended to start creation from the base. It has a ceiling base made of wood. The base also has electrical components and metal cables. One of the base type also comes with an on/off button that you can use to control the lighting.

It is recommended to only put a maximum of 6 LED for every one electric base for maximum luminosity. Then, slowly build however you want it by combining the sticks and balls together. Be sure to put in energy-conducting sticks wherever you see fit. Don’t forget the concrete flowerpot mold as well. This baby allows you to include your favorite plants as part of the display as well!

Because of the unique system that TiKA stands to be, it goes beyond just a DIY kit that people would’ve initially assumed. It’s also a powerful educational tool that can be used in schools to teach kids about electric circuits, structural engineering and more.


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