This Seoul Cafe Will Bring You Into The Comic World!

Cafe Yeonnam-dong 239-20 in Yeonman-dong district of Seoul is the place to go to if you want the ultimate cafe experience in another world. You may have seen the countless creative cafes out there – cat cafe, maid cafe, etc. But, this is on a whole new level. This cafe welcomes you into the world of cartoon. The interior design and even the furniture gets a cartoony touch to it. Everything looks like they’re sketched and of course that excludes the food!

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The tables and chairs have sketch lines drawn on them – giving them the comic feel.

The unique design on their drink ware also matches the theme of the cafe.

The dining area is filled with wall sketches that could be real and could be not. You just gotta feel it with your own hands to confirm!

This place isn’t just a good Instagrammable spot, the desserts they serve are also yum yum for the tum tum!

From the floor to the door to the switch, the sketch design in this cafe is off the charts. Is that a real door or just a wallpaper? You gotta go and check it out yourself!

You get to see the menu on the sketched cabinet. And that’s probably a real cabinet considering that the shadow looks real.

The seating area is unique. The chairs too have sketch design and it truly blends into the background seamlessly.

The comic-like ambiance of this cafe can truly bring one’s mind into a different dimension.

This photo of the cafe truly brings out the beauty of the place. But, it doesn’t do true justice to the cafe. You gotta be there to feel it for yourself!

Care for some desserts? This place is nice for couples to hang out as well as it is to celebrate special day with loved ones such as mother’s day!

So, if you want an escape, look no further than Cafe Yeonnam-dong 239-20! It’ll bring you to another relaxing world and free your mind off the buzz and stress of your day job.

If you’re good at sketching, maybe you can help them fill in the blank frames on the wall too?

I wonder how comfy is the couch at the back?

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