8 Plastic Straw Alternatives To Help Save Our Planet

Straw is one of the best human invention that has ever been created. It adds joy in sipping your favorite beverage, limits the contact of the teeth with the drinks – this helps if you have sensitive teeth. However, the downside to this invention is that it isn’t disposed properly. Some ends up in the ocean only to be consumed by animals such as whales, seals and seabirds. It was a horrific sight when we see tons of plastic waste inside their stomach. And so, it’s time to seek for alternatives. We may throw the plastic straw into the rubbish bin as how it should be. However, that might not be applied by everyone. Where there’s a demand, there’s production. Perhaps it’s time to shift our need of straws made of materials that is much more safer for the environment.

1. Edible Straw by Loliware

Yes, you heard it right! “Designed to disappear” isn’t just a catchy slogan by the company Loliware. In fact, the straw that they designed indeed will disappear. They are designed to be biodegradable and edible! What’s nice is that you won’t be feeling like eating something similar to that of a cardboard because they will be flavored. It comes with a variety of flavors such as citrus, vanilla and flowers. They’re made with seaweed and is marine-degradable. Totally a safer choice for both the environment and marine life. It only takes 60 days to be fully decomposed which is also approximately the time taken for natural waste to be decomposed as well. Which means, you can throw it along with your kitchen waste and conveniently turn them into compost.


2. Bio Straw

Eco-friendly drinking straws are slowly climbing up to the ladder of food business. Not only they’re sustainable, they also do wonders for our environment. Bio Straw by Garrett Paper Inc. is made from polylactic acid(PLA). It is a biodegradable plastic that is derived from renewable sources such as sugar cane and cornstarch. They’re insoluble in water and can withstand heat of 150 – 160 degree Celsius. The straw is also Biodegradable Products Institute(BPI)-certified to be compostable. So you can use them and not to worry if they’ll be choking our sea creatures.

United Kingdom and Ireland has implemented a grand effort in reducing plastic pollution in particular by swapping plastic straws with paper alternatives in their McDonald’s business chain. This is a great effort to save wildlife and our natural ecosystems considering that McDonald is one of the biggest fast food chain in the arena. This also triggers other fast food chain to do the same as well.


3. Metal Straws

Stainless steel straw do exist! Not only they look trendy, they’re also much more durable compared to other materials. This makes them suitable for most occasions. How cool it is to pull this out of your bag and use it on the drinks that you order in any eateries? Not only you’re helping to save the environment, you’re also making yourself look cool in the process! So, quench your thirst with your favorite drink by sipping through a cool metal straw. At the end of it, clean it up with pipe cleaners and you’re done!


4. Glass Straws

Pic from drinkingstraws

Wait a sec. Glass straw? Does it mean that they’re fragile and shatter upon impact? This is probably the most common concern that passes through everyone’s mind when they first heard of it. But worry not! These glass straws has been quite trendy recently and gracing every fruit smoothies and matcha shake all over the internet! You don’t have to worry about shattering it by accident because they are made from borosilicate.

Borosilicate is not only useable in cold and hot temperatures, they’re also shatter-resistant. You can wash them at the end of the drinking session and reuse them again and again. This helps the environment greatly as plastic straws are usually thrown away after one time use. Besides, they tend to release harmful chemicals when dipped in hot beverage. Using glass-made straw is much more safer.


5. Bamboo Straws

Bamboo are well-known to be a fast growing plant. It can grow up to 46 inches in a day. This totally makes them a very sustainable material. Not only they have a unique look to it, they’re also well-known to be a strong building material. They’re used to build huge structures such as houses and shacks. A lot of DIYers also turn to them to make crafts such as mugs, fence and planters. Who would have thought that you can use them as straws too right? I mean they do look like gigantic straws. But, most of us would not think of making them into little straws. Bamboo straws are made without lacquer or glue. They’re entirely carved out from bamboo. So, you can be sure that they’re safe to use and also washable. Since they’re made of bamboo, you bet that they’re flammable. Hence, they make ideal choice to bring along camps and use as fire starter in case of emergency.


6. Ceramic Drinking Straw

Finally, a straw that pairs well with your classic ceramic collection! Bill and Ben Design has created fun-looking ceramic straws to satisfy your drinking pleasure. Not only they come with different patterns on the straw such as heart shape and writings, they are also designed with a fairly creative approach such as having mini snails all around it! Each straw is coated in a protective clear glaze.


7. Final Straw

One straw to rule them all! Final Straw is a collapsible straw that fits in a tiny case. In fact, the case is small enough, you can use it as a key chain and carry it around with you. You can pull the straw out of the case and it will magically straighten into a functional straw. It is a perfect replacement for non-biodegradable straw and the best part is that it is very stylish! This innovation aims to save the environment and introduce the ideology that everyone deserves their own straw. It will be a hype trend that slowly makes its way into the beverage industry.


8. Filtration Straw

Not all straws are created equal. Filtration straw is an invention created to filter water from contamination as you drink from an unclean water source such as rivers and ponds. It’s also a life changing straw in countries such as Africa where it’s difficult to have clean water source. It lowers the risk of diarrheal illnesses in these countries. Thus, improving their life greatly. The straw has activated carbon filter and membrane that works together to separate bacteria and protozoa from the water. This invention is great for outdoor activities such as jungle trekking and camping. It can serve as an emergency kit in case we got lost in the jungle and finished our water bottle to the last drop.


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