Museum of The Dog, New York

It’s just like how you imagined it to be, this new museum is all about dogs! Inside is a huge collection of canine-related art – paintings, statues, dog houses. Visitors can learn about the history as well as engage in educational sessions using interactive technologies and virtual games. Loaded with interactive exhibits, this museum is well equipped to be interesting for people of all ages.

Ever wanting to get a dog but not sure which breed to go for? This interactive booth will help you find your match!

Just like a normal library, the Museum of the dog comes with a learning space where you can pick your favorite dog book and let your mind run through those sacred texts. Jokes aside, it’s a conducive environment that allow one to indulge in pleasures of reading.

Going beyond the provider of knowledge, this museum also has a merch section where you can get their cutest dog plushies, books and a whole lot more so you can go home happy.

Checkout their website here.

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