Ccasa Hostel Nha Trang, Vietnam – Modern Styled Accommodation Made of Shipping Containers

Made with stacked old shipping containers, this hostel located in Nha Trang, Vietname is something you’d probably never seen before. It’s the first hostel made of shipping containers! It’s like a normal hostel but with unique architectural touch. Three shipping containers are stacked and furnished to form modern hostel styled accommodation. One container is meant for bed, the other for bathroom and the last one is for leisure.

The use of recycled material is overwhelming in this place but in a good way. Not only it helps the environment, it also able to add the rustic touch to this spot. There’s wall made with recycled doors and also a higher wall placement made of woven baskets. The architect designed the place with concept of openness in mind. So, you can be sure that it’s well lighted with the natural rays of the sun. The open-air windows and walkways welcome natural air flow from all directions. Say goodbye to stuffy hotels! The outdoor kitchen too allows the guests to dine their meal and have a BBQ party.

There are 10 rooms in this hostel. Each room has 4 to 6 beds in bunk bed style. There’s basic amenities covered such as mattresses, blankets, air conditioner, power plugs, lockers to keep your stuffs safe and more.

There’s also a unique lounge area made with nets. Guests can relax and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature.

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