Cat Lover Made A Luxurious Playground For His 18 Cats In His Home

There’s no love greater than this cat lover! A man from California basically spent $35,000 to transform his living space to fit in a lot of extra features for cat playground. These features include walkway, climbing platforms, scratching posts, slides and a lot more. It’s enough to make all cats meowing in excitement!

This work space is the dream for all cat lovers. There’s platform on top of the wall so your feline friends can scale through it. The spiral slide right in the middle isn’t just a fun spot to walk on, it’s also an ideal spot for the kitties to have a look at their surrounding at multiple levels. Right in the middle of the slide is a scratching post. This makes the slide an ideal spot for them to look at you as you’re working by the workstation while sharpening their claws.

Right at another spot in the house, they have these walking platforms built all the way up to the ceiling. It looks almost like the platform you see in a retro game, Donkey Kong. This make such a nice platform for the cats to work their way up just in case they need some sort of hiking.

Even the bathroom is well furnished with cat climbing platforms. There’s a stair leading up just in case they want to peek at you as you bath. They can walk across the room from the canopy walk at the top. It will certainly spice up your bathing experience into a whole new level!

Not to be mistaken for shelves, they’re actually platforms for the cats to climb on. The closely placed scratch post allow them to work on their claws day and night at that corner. They also can climb up to the tallest platform and move around the room.

This is probably the coziest room in the house! The cats can move around the room easily along the wall. There’s also pots of green plants that provide cover for the cats to hide. It’s a cool spot for indoor plants as there are ceiling windows that allow natural light into the room.

The design is done by Trillium Enterprise. Checkout their website here.

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