Cat Legos by Jekca

Rekindle your childhood passion for LEGOs and your love for cats with another stunningly aesthetic cat sculpture made of LEGOs! This company that goes with the name Jekca offers a huge variety of life-sized cat LEGOs which is available in different colors as well as positions. Unfortunately they don’t exactly imitate any breeds – just the cat’s general shape. But hey, that’s good enough for any cat lovers because it sure is a rare find!

It isn’t everyday we get to see home decor that worship the greatness of cats. When you happen to get your hands on some, don’t be shy to display them throughout the house!

Maybe it will confuse your cats, maybe it will delight them. Either way, there’s no wrong place where you can put these up. These sculptures will not easily break apart. So, it’s kids safe maybe?

Decorate your desk top with it. It’s always nice to have a cute cat to caress even if they’re not real.

This cat lover loves cat so much, there’s even a special wall with pixelated cat paintings and a shelf dedicated to display these magnificent sculptures.

The DVD player top always seem empty and lonely. Make it warm and awesome with a huge cat!

Watch out! There’s a dangerous gang of cats in the house! Maybe they can ward off rats too?

There’s always empty space on top of the piano. Put a cat on it maybe?

Wake up to the sight of this majestic cat stretching! It’ll probably inspire you to stretch and do yoga as well!

Checkout their website here.

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