Bicho – Modern Floor Standing Lamp

Bichos are a collection of handmade floor standing lamps that carries the appearance of a unique creature. Bicho is in Portuguese which means ‘creature’. It is created by an architect that goes with the name Martinho Pita. He is based in Lisbon and has a studio working in various fields such as product design, architecture and implementation of social strategies.

Bicho has a single branch part on top which holds the light bulb and legs for stability which resembles a creature. They don’t resemble any particular animal in real life. It’s up to the imagination of the observer. Each lamp is made from branches of Portuguese Holly Oak trees. Rather than having the electrical cord wrapped around it, it is actually passed through a hollowed part of the branch from the leg all the way to the top. Wooden dowels are placed on several parts of the hollowed branch to secure the wire in its place.


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