5 Brilliant Sanitizing Innovations That Can Change Your Life

Sanitizing plays an important role in our lives by removing disease-causing pathogens. The most basic method of sanitizing involves washing with soap and water. It’s so important that they’re taught in schools. Hand wash techniques are also invented to ensure one does the hand wash effectively. A slightly more convenient method involves the use of sanitizer which is usually alcohol-based. It’s super easy to use and less messy. With rise of infection cases, more and more people see the importance of incorporating sanitizing in their lives. Hence, innovators from around the world are constantly seeking ideas to integrate the idea of sanitizing as seamlessly as possible into our daily lives. More bacteria-killing technologies are designed along with other functions such as air-purifying and even door-opening. In this list, we have complied some note-worthy designs that is simply stunning!

1. OpenClean Sanitizing Door

Sanitizers are often placed at high traffic areas such the elevator and waiting halls. OpenClean Technologies has designed their sanitizer by placing them at the entry ways. The handle are easy to be integrated into existing ones. So, you don’t have to worry about replacing the whole door or something like that. The door handles have built-in sanitizers so they can open the door and sanitize conveniently.

The sanitizer is stored in cartridges within the handle. They’re easy to be swapped once finished so you can be sure that they are easy to be maintained. Their designs come in two basic variation – pull door handle and turn door handle. There’s also variation for the door depending on whether it’s opened left or right side.

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2. UseTool Toothbrush

UseTool Toothbrush is basically a brush holder with an integrated sterilizing function. It has contemporary round design with matching colors which is meant to symbolize neatness and cleanliness.

The toothbrushes can be mounted onto the wall with its corresponding magnetic wall mount. There’s not slot or grip to hold your brush, just simple magnet. That makes it easy to take off and put back whenever you need. It also has a translucent cover which is meant to seal your toothbrush perfectly while maintaining good hygiene.

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3. PhoneSoap Go

PhoneSoap Go is a power bank that does two things – charge your phone like a regular power bank and sanitize it. It works by emitting UV rays to the device you put into its case. The UV covers the entire 360 degree, so you can be sure that no germs or bacteria can escape from its sterilizing effects. You also can put other things that fit the case such as car keys and train cards to sterilize them. This invention changes the traveling game big time. Travelers are always on the go and move from subways to train stations. You can be sure that the seats, supporting poles in buses and door handles are full of germs and bacteria. Therefore, having a convenient sanitizer would go a long way!

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4. LUMI – Self-sanitizing Toilet Brush

Toilet brush is an essential item in the toilet cleaning business. We all know where they’ve gone through and it’s unspeakable! Therefore, having it sanitized is something that brings us comfort in a big way. LUMI is an advanced piece of toilet brush that works like any regular brushes. It cleans and removes dirt and stains on unspeakable surfaces in the toilet. Once they’re done with their job, off they go into their special private holder. The holder emits UV light to kill the bacteria and viruses on it. The weighted base prevents it from toppling down easily. You can also find the battery case at the backside. Three double A batteries are what you need to power it.

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5. Klistem – Sterilizing Light Technology

Klistem is a portable sterilizing light that can help you clean household equipment such as water bottle and mugs. All you need to do is to invert the container then put it onto the device. With the touch of a button, the sterilizing function begins. It leverages on the UV-C light which works effectively in destroying 99.99% of the bacteria. Since bacteria is also responsible for those weird stenches that lingers in your household containers, UV-C is able to destroy them. Hence, your bottles and containers will not only be germ-free but also stench-free. Klistem also comes with an innovative drying system. It ensures a proper ventilation of your containers while providing the sanitizing effect.

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