30 Stunningly Unique Seats That Make You Love The Great Outdoors

Hanging around outdoors and reconnect with nature helps in relaxation and reducing stress. However, some people might find it uncomfortable probably because of the blazing sun at certain times. Some just dislike to sweat or to see people in general. This is all about to change. Unique seat designs are popping up all around the world. Not only they are meant for seating, the unique designs changes the experience of outdoor hangouts! Some even double as street decorations as well. While others makes a cozy spot for romantic hangouts. Let’s check it out and see how these amazing designers brought a difference in designing unique outdoor seats!

1. Couple Seat By The Mountains

Ahhh… the great outdoors! What an enjoyable moment the couple is having, sitting facing each other in a semi-open seating. A great mountain view on the grassy plain is sure to give off a huge sense of relaxation.

2. Wooden Box Seat For Two

A boxed lounger for two with a little bit of privacy! There’s also a shelf on the side for books, wine and glasses and anything that you would like to bring for the occasion. The walled side is also perfect for providing cover against the elements such as strong wind.

3. Blue Tube Garden Hangout

A little light blue around greens is one nice color combination to create that harmonious vibe. This cushioned lounger makes a nice cool spot to chill and relax while munching on your BBQ skewers and chit chatting with friends!

4. Dining Swing Table

This is the dream seating that will get the kids to look forward to dining! The swings provide mini sense of pleasure with its wobbly feel. It’s definitely a nice addition towards your enjoyment of your meal here!

5. Mushroom Hanging Seats

A giant umbrella with hanging seats around is going to be your new favorite sitting spot! Just look at that fluffy cushioned seat! Once you sit on it, you won’t want to get up!

6. Hanging Lounger

Anyone can have a lounger but nothing beats this one! It’s a comfy one that you can lay in it with that little swinging motion to set you falling into the dreamland.

7. Floral Hanging Swing

A cute beautiful seat for the little beautiful ones! The upper part is decorated with tons of flower for that added beauty. As for the seat, it’s made of ropes wrapped around the frame. It’s such a unique seat that makes a nice thing to have for photography.

8. Lighted Vine Hoop

Romantic moments call for special props to make it stand out. This is where lovely decorated vine hoop comes in. Decorated with flowers that suit the color of the gown, this wedding photo-shoot is already heading towards the wow factor!

9. Flower Hanging Hoop

Similar to the floral hanging swing, this has much more flowers being attached to it. It creates a magical feel and is sure to brings one into the fairyland!

10. Loopita Spiral

A lounger is a common sight by the pool. But, this one kicks in with a different feel. It’s curled to a unique shape so that when a couple lays down, they’d be facing each other. Nice!

11. Modern Cube Framed Rest Block

This modern chill out zone is something you would want to have to make your pool look elegant! Bask in the sunshine filtered through the frames of this box! It probably looks cool with the orange setting sun!

12. Illusive Floating Chair

The chair is supported at the leg end of it! While seemingly unstable from the front but it’s actually quite sturdy with the strong metal back.

13. Solar Powered Lay Down Chair

The chair harnesses solar power at day and blast it out in the form of light at night. This is the perfect seat that one would need for hardcore reading. You could read from daylight till sundown!

14. Ring Swing

Ring swing combines the wonders of a swinging ring and aesthetic. One can be laying inside the ring and experience the slight swinging motion while enjoying their books. When not occupied, it makes a beautiful park decoration too.

15. Yin Yang Lounger

Another lounger designed for couples with a touch of traditional Chinese element. Probably the ideal choice for a China themed resort!

16. Garden Box For Two

It’s always nice to have a unique seating in the garden to add that magical touch that gives your house a sense of home. Instead of putting random chairs on the garden, have one installed or embedded onto the garden wall! It certainly makes your garden looks special and adds to the cozy feel for weekend’s hangout!

17. Rabbit Mouth Shelter

This bunny opens up its mouth to shelter two occupants that’s waiting for the bus! With a bus stop like this, no bus driver will ever miss it!

18. Strawberry Bus Stop

Japan sure takes thing high a notch! This strawberry bus stop is gonna set yoru bus-waiting journey into a “berry” interesting one!

19. Tulip Chair

They stood erected on the fields, mimicking real life tulip. When they open, it turns into a chair where you can chill and rest while talking about badgers with your peers around.

20. Under The Tree Platform

Plain and simple as we call it but it sure delivers an impact! The wooden flooring are built around three trees. This unique idea works amazingly well in making use of the space under those trees. People would usually think of setting up a hammock with trees like this. But, given how close they are to each other, having a platform like this would serve as a better option.

21. Merrigo Tree Bench

Transform your front yard into your favorite hanging zone with Merrigo tree bench! It is setup around the tree so you can have an omnidirectionanl seat facing wherever you want!

22. Mexico Playing Card Bench

Sit in style with this bench made of gigantic playing cards! It’s a ginormous sitting bench that will adds your sitting experience with a sense of wow!

23. Reading Shed

Bringing your library around has never been easier with this transportable reading shed. You can be in the forest, by the beach or in front of Debbie’s house and still can enjoy a variety of reads with it!

24. Catapult Bench

Send yourself to a whole new world in this catapult bench!

25. Story Book Bench

Frozen at the front and Narnia at the back, this flipped book bench is something unique that is Insta-worthy! Just sit on it and flip a book pretending that you’re reading. Get your other friend to take a shot and voila!

26. Elevated Star Bench

Be a star in this elevated seating within this star! Overlooking the beautiful scenery, this spot induces relaxation in a glamorous way!

27. The Nest

Experience how it’s like to be love birds in this woven seating for two! It’s even located in the forest to give that true birdy feel.

28. Butterfly Bench

Now, anyone can be a butterfly! Just by sitting on this bench, it grants its sitter a pair of blue butterfly wings!

29. PVC Pipe Table & Chair

While it might look unsightly on the side, it is a functional set of table and chair that is made out of PVC. You probably can make one on your own!

30. Banana Split Chair

You probably heard of the old saying that you might slip on a banana peel. Well, this one have you sitting on it!

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