30+ Shocking Sculptures Made Out Of Boxes

Getting our hands on boxes are pretty simple these days. We could order a simple item such as sunglasses and they would’ve come with a tiny box. At first, we probably thought that we won’t need it. They’re just trash. But, these sculptures will tell you otherwise! These sculptures are made out of boxes! It’s an amazing idea to craft ornaments to decorate your house too!

1. Up Town

In movie animations, you’d probably see these kind of worn-out town where the poor resides. It’s a pretty iconic scene that gives a cozy feel. With the boxes, you could construct a mini scale of such town. You don’t have to be specific with the scale. I mean, just look at those oversized clothes!

2. Cardboard City

On top of these pillars, lie the cardboard city. It’s the city where only the richest lives! It looks like a fantasy city that you would find in a novel about cardboard people where everything is made out of cardboard.

3. Beetle

Insect lovers would greatly appreciate this beautiful and gigantic cardboard beetle hanging on their walls!

4. Face

Remake the face of your friends as gift for their open house! It’ll add more aesthetic into their home decor!

5. French Bull Dog

This looks pretty realistic! I’ll make a great companion to your doggy if you have just one. Just beware as it might rip this sculpture off when playing with it!

6. A Glass of Lemonade

With some coloration, this would be an epic glass of lemonade! It’s both a good ornament as well as marketing prop for your lemonade business!

7. Planter

Tired of killing those so called indestructible plants such as Devil’s Ivy? Look no more. These cardboard planters are the new planters!

8. Cartoon Clock

A fun looking clock that will cheer your kids up! With a clock kit, you can probably turn this into a real clock as well!

9. Yoda

Impressive this is! Good wall decor it makes! *talking in Yoda way

10. Batman

Climb up to be the boss of villains by having Batman’s head on your coffee table!

11. Mahatma Gandhi

Add textures and features to your box art with a pen! It’ll help to bring your art to life! Just exactly what happened to this sculpture of this iconic person.

12. Witch House

This is amazing! Yes, it’s made of cardboard or boxes. With some coloring and texture adding, it turns out to be something so stunning!

13. Pupper

A huge lover of dogs? That’ll be well demonstrated by having tons of dog-inspired crafts and ornaments in your house! Make a cute pupper with boxes. Let it sit on the ledge of your shelf!

14. Squirrel

Using the natural color of the boxes to its fullest potential, comes this impressive looking squirrel. You don’t even need to color this art!

15. Goldfish

The perfect prop for fish lovers. Whether you love fishing, eating fish or own a seafood restaurant, your place really deserves a fish sculpture of its own. Thank goodness that it doesn’t have to be made out of expensive materials!

16. Cardboard Robot

All master craft starts with something simple. This simple robot would make a good project to do with the little ones!

17. Optimus Prime

Once you’re done practicing with the simple robot, try something more advanced like Optimus Prime from Transformers!

18. Lighted Japanese Vertical Climbing City

This is a slightly more luxurious city compared to the first one. It even have lights! Guests coming in will be in shock as they stare upon this awesomeness.

19. Heart

A medically accurate cardboard version of the heart would sure be a topic to talk about among those who had glimpsed upon it! A total must-have for medical schools!

20. Chinese Villagers by Warren King

Scare thieves off whenever you’re away from home with life-sized cardboard sculpture of these Chinese couples. It might or might not work.

21. Sports Shoes

What do you get when you mix sports and crafts together? You get a cardboard shoes. The ideal wear for epic performance!

22. Samurai

Display your obsession for Japanese culture with a stunning cardboard figure of a samurai. Once your guests start mentioning it, that’s your time to shine and pour out your endless story of Japanese samurai to them!

23. Star Wars AT-AP

Star Wars fan would be drooling over this! It’s an All Terrain Attack Pod from Star Wars! The details are truly impressive. They probably put in wire frame inside so it could support the weight of this beast!

24. Dragon Sculpture by Kai Xiang Xhong

WOW! There’s fire dragon, water dragon and even cardboard dragon! Watch out as it breathes paper out of its mouth!

25. Statue of Box

If there’s an Oscars for cardboard sculpture, this would be its trophy.

26. House By The Corner

Rather than leaving the corner of your room empty, maybe it’s time to put this up! Not only it looks like a decent decor that would flourish in most homes, it also lights up the room romantically!

27. Buffalo Head

Buffalo head always comes in handy when you need to create a scene of the wild wild West. Or, if you just need something to put on the dining table as a centerpiece.

28. Saxaphone

Immortalize your favorite musical instrument with art! This saxophone is gonna be remembered for a long time to many younger generations. Just in case the real one didn’t last.

29. Elephant

What better way to boost tourism by allowing tourists to interact closely with an elephant? Yes, with a cardboard elephant. That’ll end the torture of these majestic creatures for the sake of tourism!

30. Kid’s Knight Armor

First day of school can be dangerous. Never let your kids go to school without a decent armor.

31. Velociraptor by Kit Rex

Kit Rex allows a normal human transform into a mythical velociraptor. It’s a fun way to live back the good old prehistoric life.

32. King Kong

There’s nothing more beautiful than the sight of King Kong banging its chest and roaring in might.

33. King Kong

You don’t need a table lamp in your room. You need a lighted Godzilla made out of cardboard! Cramming through the night for exam has never been so exciting.

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