30 Giant Things That You Literally Just Can’t Miss

Giant sculptures of things are a huge attraction. I mean, they literally are! It’s always an awe to be looking these kind of things. It can be just something for road side attraction or a guerilla marketing tactic. Either way it’s just breathtaking to see them. They make an incredible spot for some photoshooting. You can play with forced perspective photography and get that creative shot! It’s gonna be all fun and joy! Without further ado, let’s see these magnificent things that got magnified!

1. Floating Duck

You know what makes a bath good? Rubber duckies! This giant one is intended to give the same effect. Rubber Duck is a series of several giant floating sculptures of yellow rubber ducks, designed by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, which have appeared in many cities around the world, including Hong Kong, Pittsburgh, Toronto, Kaohsiung, Baku, and Sydney.

2. Saw

Coosje van Bruggen created giant sculptures such as this giant saw all around the world. A total of about 40 objects gets magnified through works of art. Catch their works as there are more of those in this list!

3. Crayons

Watch out! Those crayons are falling! The company is probably having huge exposure with this epic installation of falling crayons.

4. Feathers

We all know feathers are unique. Some of them are used to make hats, dream catcher and even this landed sculpture!

5. Broom and Dustpan

Take cleaning to the next level! Swipe all the debris away with this effective ginormous broom!

6. Chess Piece

It’s a giant chess piece played by the giants! Chess is often cited by psychologists as an effective way to improve memory function. Therefore, it’s an efficient mind exercise to battle against Alzheimer’s.

7. Candy Cane

Santa travels around with his sleigh. But what does he use to get over the wall? That’s right, a giant candy cane!

8. Adidas Shoe Box

Adidas probably have a giant pair of shoes inside just for those who seek for large pair of shoes!

9. Ukrainian Easter Egg in Vegreville, Canada

Easter eggs are great. They come in all shapes and sizes but never this big! It’s even resting on a pointed foundation!

10. Paint Spill

This is one great example of marketing done in an epic way. The bucket is floating and it’s pouring red paint onto the street! It’s an absolute wonder and would catch people’s eye!

11. Cupid’s Arrow

There’s some serious cupid work at this! A giant red arrow would definitely get people wonder what it’s all about. Is it a stray arrow by the cupid or just a huge guerilla commercial for an archery range?

12. Lady Bug

Sometimes it can be hard to figure out the motive behind designs. When you see these giant ladybugs walking around on a building, you’d probably think that this building is about selling ladybugs or in the ladybug business. That aside, it’s cool and that’s all matters! Getting people curious about your building is probably the first step towards getting potential customers for whatever business it may be!

13. Shopping Cart

The trolley or shopping cart is the world’s most-used 4 wheeled item. Yup! It’s not cars but trolleys!

14. Books

Library has books. Hence, this design would really match the theme of the functional library structure.

15. Wardrobe

There’s a giant thing for everything. Why? Because it’s cool! Try if you can climb up and grab those giant socks from this giant wardrobe.

16. Safety Pin

All parents would know of this essential diaper fastener! Well, that is unless you’re using commercial diapers. But, it’s still a useful tool in other aspects such as holding your clothing pieces together from breaking apart. Remember that broken zip that could ruin your life? This could save you from all the embarassment!

17. Coffee Cup

This is probably a common sight in a lot of places. The adaptation of the coffee cup design as a business premise is well-known and spread to almost the entire world. It does look cute and a real icon in the world now.

18. A stack of Buckets In The Tuilieres Garden, Paris

Save water for water disruption! Take one of these buckets!

19. Rocking Chair

This is probably the best chillax place to be hanging on when you’re up and about for a relaxation time!

20. Hammer

A giant hammer for a hammer museum in Alaska. This simple tool has helped changed the life of civilizations to date. The museum houses about 1400 different hammers. How unique can a hammer design be? You gotta check it out in their museum to find out!

21. Hockey Stick and Puck

Play the sport with epic sized gears! It’s a sure goal if you’re able to launch the puck of this size!

22. Apple Basket

Apple basket, Longaberger Homestead, Dresden, Ohio. It’s huge and kinda makes you hungry!

23. Pineapple

The Big Pineapple is located on the Sunshine Coast in South East Queensland, Australia. It is 16 metre high and was originally opened on the 15 of August 1971. Inside the fruit are two rides: one on a Nut Mobile, the other on a small train that takes passengers on a tour of the plantation and lets them optionally disembark at a small zoo situated on the property.

24. Paper Clip

Giant paper clip at BI Commercial College near Oslo. This iconic invention has accompanied the life of countless documents and paperworks. It even made it as one of the office assistant in Microsoft softwares.

25. Axe

New Brunswick, Canada is the home of the World’s Largest Axe. 66 feet (20 m) high. It’s so huge that you can pretty much chop down any trees with it!

26. Dragon

‚ÄúDragon Building” Wat Samphran Temple in Bangkok, Thailand. The life-like giant dragon coils around the temple as if it’s protecting it. Such wonder is truly a majestic sight that you have to take a shot when you’re there.

27. Beach Bucket

Build the largest sand castle with this giant bucket!

28. Giraffe Lego

This impressive tall giraffe is made out of Lego! The details on this giraffe is amazing. The contours and talk about the effort put into this is just totally mind blowing!

29. Dala Horse

Dala horse is a traditional souvenir from the Swedish region Dalarna. It is an iconic item that is worth collecting when you’re there!

30. Peacock, Dubai Botanical Garden

These epic peacocks carry a garden behind their backs! It’s a perfect demonstration of garden landscaping that combines art and nature together.

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