30 Fascinating Tree Decorations That You Will Enjoy

Trees are part of nature and is essential to sustain our life. Their importance is undeniably great. People have been growing trees around the city for aesthetic purpose as well as to bring nature close to us. They’re lovely to see and sometimes will give off pleasant scent that we would fall for. In the recent years, we can see more trees are erected with decorations. Yarn-bombing is one street art that has been keeping those trees warmer in cute knitted yarns! There’s also illusion painting and even tree-inspired decoration! Now, let’s scroll down and enjoy!

1. Under The Baobab

A giant baobab tree sculpture is constructed outside the Southbank Centre in London. The tree is made from brightly coloured fabrics from around the world and is part of the centre’s Festival of the World exhibition.

2. Rainbow Yarn

This tree is showing all the colors of nature! Right from the roots to the branches, this yarn clothing is glowing!

3. White Polka Dots On Red

Polka dots is a fashion that the tree enjoys too. It keeps them in check with the fashion from the early 19th century.

4.San Francisco City Hall Giraffes

Three Trees In Front of San Francisco City Hall have been yarn bombed with adorable giraffes!

5. Parrots of Telegraph Hill

Trees have ambitions to be a parrot and they did it. Whatever your dreams are, you can do it too!

6. Animal In a Tree – Tree Hole Painting by Wang Yue

Would it be a shock to see your own reflection in a tree hole? Street artist, Wang Yue took the chance she sees in these trees and turned them into art!

7. Animal Totem

Don’t let the cuteness fool you! The animal tribe worships these totems on a daily basis. It’s sacred and needs to be preserved.

8. Invisible Floating Tree

A mind blowing illusion! It’s basically a canvas coated over the tree. Then, painted to make it blend into the background. It’ll definitely make you look twice as you drive pass!

9. Snake Attack

Not exactly a tree decor but it does take the advantage of the tree into the art! That police officer is about to get a shock of his life time!

10. Octopus

Octopus are tree huggers. Sometimes, you get to see one just hugging a tree somewhere by the streets. Don’t be surprised. Don’t poke it. Just take a photo and go.

11. Blue Dots On Red

The tree needs warmth to survive winter and it doesn’t care how ugly the knitted sweater is.

12. Yellow Umbrella

It’s spring and some trees are blooming into beautiful fully opened umbrellas!

13. Face On A Tree

A forest needs a face and this it is. It’s like the tree from Zelda. Makes a nice spot to have a story-telling session too!

14. Elf House

A simple addition for an epic tree for your front yard. It’s basically a nest for elves.

15. Owl In A Tree

You always see own living inside a hole of a tree. This one basically grew from it instead.

16. Beautiful In White

Trees look beautiful in white too! It’s like their wedding gown.

17. Ladybug

Like Mario with his mushroom, the same goes for these ladybugs. It made them grew bigger.

18. Pretty Little Blight by Michael McGillis

A project by Michael transforms trees looking mysterious with unusual blue blight appearing at a side of the tree. It triggers curiosity in a great way!

19. Smurf Trees

Trees are getting smurfed with a sharp blue color. The life for these trees are gonna be different from now one. More people will be wanting to stare at it at a longer period of time.

20. Rainbow Layers of Flowers

Trees deserve to wear a dress and this is it. Multi colored for all types of trees. Plus, flowers so it’s beautiful.

21. Neon Outlined Trees

These trees have neon outlines. How cool is that? Instead of street lights, you have tree lights.

22. Control Tower

Birdhouse artwork called “Control Tower” by artist Cameron Hockenson. If there’s a condominium for birds, it’s this!

23. Beautiful Oma Forest by Agustin Ibarrola

Each trunk is like a piece of a puzzle that makes up the whole picture. These eyes are probably gonna look epic from a distance!

24. Tree Hug

By the end of a rough day, we just need a hug to set things right. That goes the same with trees too.

25. Big Googly Eyes

Ever got that feel like you’re being watched. Your instinct might be right!

26. Bird & Squirrel by Wang Yue

There’s creativity for each spot. China artist, Wang Yue nailed it again. The squirrel is describing how big of a nut he is to impress the bird.

27. Brick Inside

It’s what’s inside of you that defines you.

28. Rainbow Web

29. Wall In Blue Ash Tree

30. Flower Tree Decor At Rattlesnake Ridge

Flowers can never be missed out in an engagement party! Someone out there decided to have their engagement done in a forest and these trees get to be pretty.

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