30 Door Decorations That Sets Your Home Apart From Others

The door is the first thing that the guests see when they visit someone’s house. It’s always great to have something special on your door so that they feel welcomed or at least give a good impression. There’s several ways to approach this. There’s putting up a warm cozy wreath. Then, there’s also attaching an epic door handle or door knocker that most of us have probably never seen before! But, how special or how weird can a door handle or knocker be? Let’s find out!

1. Jaguar

This cat is trying to make it’s way in! Someone call 911!

2. Handy Touch

Is this door trying to open itself?

3. Dragon Door Knocker

Perhaps the touch of an ancient creature would make your door much more interesting!

4. Lizard Handle

Some people might be disgusted of lizards and just refuse to touch anything associated to it. Social distancing for the win I guess?

5. Peeking Man

This might be creepy for some but the effect here is outstanding!

6. Parrot

Why would we need a parrot by the door? To say knock when someone’s around? The coloration is great nonetheless.

7. Corn Knocker

If you own a farm, this has gotta be on the door! We all would be knocking for corns!

8. Bird Knocker

Woodpecker? More like door pecker!

9. Snail Shell

Seashells are awesome as decoration as well as art construction. It’s so beautiful that people even turn it into a knob!

10. Cat With Mouse Door Knocker

That’s creative! The hanging mouse appears to be a victim of the cat. But wait, that’s not all! It’s actually a door knocker!

11. Tentacles

Embrace your love for seafood! If this door doesn’t open up to a restaurant serving octopi dishes, I’ll be disappointed!

12. Guns

Maybe you want to send that subtle message of “don’t mess with me”? This is probably a good idea.

13. Octopus Knocker

Sometimes, fresh octopus climbs its way off shore and to your door knob. When it’s left long enough, it fossilizes into a door knocker.

14. Baton Pass

The owner of this house is probably a runner! Now, pass that baton!

15. Golden Dragonfly

It’s elegance touching your door. The beautiful golden color of this dragonfly door knocker adds the luxurious touch to your entry way.

16. Bird On Branch

Add a little familiarity of nature into your door. This little bird by the branch is definitely a friendly sight that would make your visitors feeling welcomed!

17. Frog Knob

This frog is holding the door knob like it belongs to it. So, better be careful! It will probably scare off some visitors that find frogs disgusting.

18. Bee Knocker

It’s so big and juicy! This cute and adorable bee door knocker would make your door the conversation topic for guests to come!

19. Squirrel Knocker

Just imagine. Knocking the door with this squirrel would make it look like it’s stomping the door with its foot. Funny!

20. Ram’s Nose Ring

Nose ring makes goats or rams alike to be pulled easily by the shepherd. In this case, it’s a big one meant for knocking the door!

21. Grape Vines

This is so spectacular! It looks so real. The form and structure is designed perfectly to look like a grape vine and at the same time provides the functionality of a door handle.

22. Handing The Fish

If you sell fish, this is the best door handle you can ever have!

23. Lizard And Ring

A ring is the simplest form that a door handle can take. But this one has some creativity touch to it! The lizard is biting the ring for you!

24. Monitor Lizard

Just when you think having lizard by the door is not intimidating enough. Someone actually made life-sized lizards as handles for the gate!

25. Mudra With Flower Knob

Opening this door will lead you to a place of serene and tranquility. Door knobs can be one of the factors that comes to play to give your premise an identity of its own!

26. Serpent

Yikes! Snakes! It’s scary to look at one even if it’s a door knocker!

27. Peacock

Pretty much any kind of animal can make its way as a door knocker. This elegant peacock pretty much shows your love for the majestic bird! In a way, door knocker can adds identity to your home as well as your preference!

28. Crab

Ahh… seafood! It’s a crab! This might set your guess in expecting that there’s a dish of crab somewhere along the main course!

29. Fish

Fish makes a nice door knocker. It will look as if it’s flopping around by your door!

30. A Lady’s Hand

Hold the lady’s hand gently! Don’t be harsh to the door and treat it like a lady!

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