30 Delicious Art On Plate That Will Make You Hungry

Regardless you’re a kid or an adult, these food on a plate will make you drool for more! This post features some works of Lee Samantha, cutechichai and other artists. They constructed the food on the plate with a lot of heart to recreate the characters from cartoons. It’s appealing not just to us adults but mainly to the kids as well. So folks, if you’re trying to encourage the young ones to take in more veggies, perhaps building them will help! Let’s admire these mouth-watering ideas!

1. Cow

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! This cow along with a glass of milk is one great way to get your day started!

2. Snow White

Just done telling your kids about the Snow White story last night? Surprise them with a healthy breakfast featuring Snow White herself!

3. Moana

That’s Moana on a surfing cucumber! It’s adorable and most importantly it looks healthy to eat!

4. Whimsical Kid’s Snow White

I know Snow White has been listed already but this is just too cute to look pass! It has veggies, soup, rice and even shrimps. That’s adorably yummy!

5. Halloween Witch

Make Halloween special with a nice Halloween dish! There’s tons of veggies from carrot and not sure what’s the yellow one. The egg is nicely shaped into a crescent moon. That’s probably cheese for the hair. It’s just so lovely to look at!

6. The Little Mermaid

A lot of Disney’s characters is coming out in the list now! It’s a great idea to make the food art related to the cartoons that your kids would watch. They can relate to it in a … delicious way!

7. Cinderella

Enchant your early breakfast with a story of Cinderella. It would be a pleasant breakfast and tell session with the young ones!

8. Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc

That’s a good plate of Mike! With a lot of different colored pastas available in the market today, making a character of your own is gonna be easy!

9. SpongeBob

The artist, Laleh has done a huge thing in combining art and food together. The sweet part is that she’s doing it so that her kids can eat healthily! Just imagine the effort put into these dishes! It’s love!

10. Brave

Storm through the culinary field with a brave art! That finely cut seaweed for the facial features sure is a lot of work there! That’s how dedicated this artist is!

11. Bambi

It’s Bambi the bread! There’s a bit of everything – pistachios, strawberries, chocolate and more. Now that’s deer-licious!

12. Chicken From Moana

There’s always one funny character in the cartoon that makes you go “awww” on the inside. In Moana, there’s this chicken, Hei Hei. The only chicken about this is probably the eyes.

13. Maui

It’s the mighty demi-God, Maui! The tattoo marking on those ham slices is totally epic. That spring onion as club is totally nice. And that pants made out of salad. It’s a healthy meal.

14. Rainbow

Cherry tomatoes, carrots, corn, peas and cabbage strips. This rainbow has it all!

15. Merida The Spicy Ramen

This is another hot version of the character from Brave. It’s spicy ramen!

16. Fruit Girl

You don’t always have to go for popular cartoon characters that you see in Disney or Pixar animations. The idea behind it is just to make it a little bit special for your young ones!

17. Balloon Girl

There’s raspberries, marshmallows and blueberries. It’s a total treat plate here containing all the delicious food that a kid would eat. They’ll probably go for the marshmallows first.

18. Jack & Sally

It’s fruits, veggies and a lot of cuteness in this plate! There’s a mix of everything and makes a good meal to introduce different healthy food to the kids.

19. Polar Bear

The polar bear knows what’s good. Not only he tastes the dish, he dips into it as well. This is one creative work using sticky rice. Just imagine what else you can do with it!

20. Rock and Roll

There’s a theme for every food! This is dedicated to rock and roll!

21. Cowboy

This is basically the national food of the states in the wild wild West! Riding bread horses, passing through the cucumber cactus. What a life!

22. Mountain Climbing

Food can be a good way to introduce something as well. On this plate, it’s mountain climbing. It’s a fun way to get them curious on what it is.

23. Salad Tree

I wouldn’t recommend putting chili if you’re serving it to a young kid. They’ll be at awe at first then cry after. Other than that, it’s creative and makes a nice plate of salad. It’s probably something you’ll make for your partner for special occasions such as Valentine’s day!

24. Under The Sea

Eat veggies of colors as they say. This plate has it all! There’s a huge range of veggies there! Mushrooms, long beans, carrot, broccoli, flagged bean and cherry tomatoes are lined up perfectly to simulate the ocean floor setting.

25. Cat Fried Rice

It’s fried rice on a plate! Not your typical fried rice. It’s a super unique one. If only there’s a restaurant that would serve such a dish. It’ll be a totally go-to place!

26. Ghost Curry

Spice up your Halloween with some ghost curry!

27. Spaghetti Tree

A simple tasty dish is one to go for when you’re tight with time! The only complicated art part about this dish is probably the bee!

28. Bunny & Bear

Spread the love! The heart-shaped strawberries are an absolute delight!

29. Red Riding Hood

Now, how do they make the rice slightly reddish? There’s meat, there’s rice, there’s veggies. It’s a wholesome meal!

30. Snoopy

That’s one heck of a way to be presenting your skewered BBQ meat! That fireplace made out of bell peppers is just so creative! Now who says you can’t eat creativity?

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