30 Creative Trash Bin That Change The Way You Look At Them

Trash bins! Yup! People are making art out of them and they look amazing! They’re so amazing, you’ll look at them longer and possibly even admire the art itself. Some turned it into a juice box, cartoon character or an illusive piece of work that helps it to blend to its surroundings. Each piece is creative on it’s own and probably inspire you to turn your own trash bin into one stunning piece yourself! Featuring a lot of works from 2017 Trashed Coachella.

1. Mr Earth

It’s Earth day and an artist made an Earth guy out of a trash bin. With faux greens as hair, and a blue skin similar to that of the ocean, this is not your average Earth guy. This guy has style! Look at that stylish red glasses!

2. PacMan

Go geeky with your trash bin! Make a game-themed trash bin out of it! This makes a nice trash bin to have to show how hardcore of a gamer that you are! The classic Pacman is an all time favorite. Right when it was just using TV as a console, it was a cool time that brings back all the feels. Truly nostalgic!

3. Star Wars Theme

Turn boring trash bin into a themed character! This R2D2 and Darth Vader trash bin is gonna be a new hit in your neighborhood. Be careful as it might even get stolen!

4. Juice Box

This is totally fantastic! It’s like a giant juice box. Makes a pretty cool marketing prop I must say. A total Godsend to the juice community.

5. Game of Thrones Meets How To Train Your Dragon

It’s the Queen of dragons and Toothless chilling together in this epic piece of art! The vibrant background colors help the characters to pop. It’s definitely an eye-catching piece.

6. SpongeBob

See the many faces of SpongeBob by spinning this bin around! The famous Nickelodeon character gets a feature in the trash bin art too!

7. Cookie Monster

It’s Cookie monster eating his cookie on Sesame Street! Just a simple two round eyes and a cookie turned this typical trash bin into an iconic character. Look around and you might find more potential things to turn into a cookie monster with only these 3 items!

8. Hannibal

Halloween is gonna be special with something like this! Featuring the classic Hannibal from Silence of the Lambs, this movie is a favorite among horror movie fans. It makes a nice prop for a horror movie night with friends!

9. Curious Cat

Cat lovers would adore this. From far, it looks like a curious cat trying to take a peek! So cute!

10. Chuck Norris

Look! It’s the legendary Chuck Norries, immortalized in the form of art. It’s cartoony and fun to look at. But, then one question remain. Who would dare to put trash into this?

11. Car

The before and after image of this car trash can looks totally amazing! It has 4 wheels which makes it perfect for the car design. Simple lines, shades and color totally transformed the appearance of it!

12. Brick

The first question that people will be asking is probably “Is this trash bin made out of brick?”. It’s a nice little decor to suit up your trash bin. If the external wall where it is put has similar brick design, then it would probably be able to camouflage well too!

13. Officer On Segway

What a brilliant interaction between the art and the structure of the trash bin. The wheel of it also makes the wheel of the segway!

14. Trash Monster

Maybe a friendly monster that wants your trash would encourage people to throw their garbage right where they belong? I mean, it’s a pro garbage eater. It is well dressed for work and ready to take all the garbage you can give!

15. Louis Vuitton

Even Louis Vuitton has a themed trash can. It’s turning garbage-throwing into something glamorous!

16. Cartoon Mix

So, you have a bunch of cartoon characters. Throw them all into the bin and blend it. This is what you get! A mixed art of cartoon characters!

17. Floral Monster

This shape shifter monster has turned itself into a trash bin. You can see the legs, eyes, mouth and all but in the shape of a monster. Just be careful when throwing trash inside as it might chomp you too!

18. Eye Monster

Art don’t always have to take the form of something that exist in real life. Most of the time is just about releasing the imagination. In this case, this eye monster wearing a robe with cross is probably a character that only exist in the artist’s world. It’s interesting and fun as it might even resemble a monster that the artist make up for his/her comic!

19. Bird and Flower by Katie Green

With trash can as a canvas, the artist has beautifully drawn a beautiful bird reaching out to a flower for nectar. It’s an art that brings us close to nature.

20. Brain

Remember when they say “use your brain?” Now, you got a new idea on what that means especially when you have a trash bin like this!

21. Minion

Who would’ve knew that you can let a trash bin wear a cosplay of minion? This is so awesome! Props for the eyes, hands and others are made piece by piece. It’s definitely not easy work but the results is a total crowd-pleaser!

22. Abstract Monster by Warholbot

There’s no limit to art and it just projects whatever that’s going on in the mind of the artist. Sometimes, that imagination takes the form of creatures of many eyes and faces with unique patterns all over it.

23. Modern Colorful Abstract

That purple tire is spot on! The mix of abstract shapes and lines interact with each other beautifully to form a modern art that just spells POP!

24. Mona Lisa

The painting by Leonardo da Vinci is everywhere now. Even on trash bin!

25. Crime Scene

Stand away! This is a crime scene!

26. Truck Graffiti

Purple and pink matches each other beautifully in this truck art trash bin! The proportion of the art fits nicely. It looks so cute!

27. Robot

The trash bin gets a touch of art with the robot theme!

28. Mc Donald

It’s almost like these dumpsters are dedicated to contain only garbage from McDonald’s! The smart painting at the background complements the overall look of the art.

29. Flamingo

Magnificent! It’s like a game setting with squares and background mountain of blue and pink. It matches the color of the flamingo design very well too!

30. Safari Ride

This bunch of animal friends is ready for a ride! This is so smart! If you lift up the lid of the bin, you’ll see the giraffe!

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