30 Creative Bus Stop Design That Makes Public Transport Less Boring

The bus stop is often a boring place to be. We tend to look at our phones while waiting for the bus to stop by. While we see it as a boring spot, some advertisers sees it as an opportunity for branding. That’s because the longer we are waiting in the stop, the longer we will be exposed to the display of the brand. Plus, with the extraordinary design that could be creative and also interactive, it will for sure gives a longer lasting impression. Nonetheless, they’re creative and totally goes outside of the box!

1. Absolut Lemon Drop

It’s lemon trees on the roof of bus stop! What a unique way to garden in the urban landscape!

2. Roller Coaster

Just when you think a bus ride is boring, let your imagination play with this unique roller coaster seat!

3. Postal Stamp

This lady has her face as the stamp of this letter in this interesting gigantic envelope!

4. Ready For Fishing

Get yourself ready for an adventure! Just stand in front of this bus stop board. The mirror will reflect yourself holding a fishing rod and standing 3 feet under the lake.

5. Save Water

Water isn’t exactly something you can make. This board truly delivers the message to the public to save water!

6. Swing

Turn waiting into swinging fun! These swings will make your wait for the bus way better!

7. Fresh Salad Box

This amazing ads shows the freshness of the vegetables stored behind this mock fridge with the a significant logo of the food company involved. The condensation of the water at the bottom corner gives it an impressive effect, close to that of what you would expect when you stare at a fridge by the store!

8. Burger Oven

Watch out! That’s no longer a bus stop. It’s an oven! This bus stop has been transformed into an oven. There’s timer on top and the red neon light really gives a hot effect!

9. Soccer Goal

If there’s no soccer net near you, I guess this bus stop will do.

10. Staked Umbrellas

Japan is always creative with their designs. Here’s one bus stop constructed out of umbrella. The bottom of the umbrella has sky painting too.

11. Thor Hammer

The Mjolnir broke through the glass and landed on the other side of the bus stop. Such power!

12. Workout

Sometimes, you can get interesting message from the bus stop. Here’s one encouraging the public to do workout such as yoga.

13. School Bus

Just in case people don’t get what kind of bus they’re waiting for. Yup, they’re waiting for school bus.

14. Bookshelves Bus Stop

In some countries such as Germany, they encourage reading by installing bookshelves in the bus stop. That’s a good way to use the waiting time beneficially.

15. Cardboard Roof

Not exactly something you expect to be used as roof. This demonstration makes a good point and gives the public a good review of the cardboard itself.

16. Human Rights Abuse Awareness

This bus stop has a decal on the glass wall of it. It shows an impactful message to the public on human rights.

17. Milk

There’s nothing more catchy than a giant box of milk.

18. Weight Scale

Know how much you weight with this convenient weight scale integrated bus seat!

19. Mineral Water With Lime & Salt

Night is when this bus stop ads comes alive. The beautiful glow of white light is dispersed through this giant glass of water!

20. IKEA

Get a hint of the comfy that IKEA provides by sitting on this IKEA bus stop couch!

21. Bubble Pop

Relieve your stress while waiting for bus by popping all the bubbles!

22. Up

Movie advertisement done right! It’s up and their signature floating balloons!

23. Giant Luggage

Luggage is often associated to travels and having a huge luggage like this is bound to set all attention to it!

24. Float

It’s another interactive bus stop ads where you stand by it and it gives you a new look on yourself!

25. Detergent Made Out Of Socks

It’s made out of socks! That’s a creative choice of material that would beat the traditional paper printed posters!

26. Absolut Bloody Alcohol

This bus stop is transformed into red and elegant seat. Such an elegance to match the drink too.

27. Barbie

Going to school will never be boring! it might ward off boys but it’s gonna be crowded with the girls!

28. Skateboard

Show off your skating skill with this skate board ramp integrated bus stop!

29. Sunglasses

It’s eye protection at its finest. Through the rays of the sun, this glasses is able to block the sunlight and provide necessary shade for eye comfort.

30. Donation

Help the community by donating old clothes and stuffs. This ads deliver the message well. It shows that the person in need reaches out to the scarf on top. Can the red scarf really be detached?

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