30 Captivating Giant Sculptures That’s Totally Gonna Catch Your Eyes

Giant sculptures are all around us! They look amazing from a distant and even more when up close. They also make fascinating Instagram-worthy spots. So, don’t be shy to approach and take some shots. It ain’t easy to erect these things up! Some of these sculptures are meant as tourist attraction while others carry a huge message. Regardless, they all look amazing and here are some top picks you gotta see!

1. Giant Labrador Sculpture Marks Its Territory on a Museum

A 28-foot-tall sculpture of a black Labrador relieving itself is currently installed on the side of the Orange County Museum of Art (OCMA) in Newport. It’s probably an epic statue that would be greatly admired by all the dogs in the neighbourhood!

2. The Eye

Eyeball sculpture by Tony Tasset at Pritzker Park, State and Van Buren Streets, Chicago.

3. Bluey

The big blue bear, or “Bluey” as I like to call him… The bear that looks into the Denver Convention Center windows is actually called “I See What You Mean” by artist Lawrence Argent.

4. Yellow Rabbit

Big yellow rabbit’ by #Dutch Artist Florentijn Hofman in örebro, Sweden.

5. Stack of Teacups

To those who prefer stacking rather than cleaning their dishes for real, this sculpture is dedicated for you guys out there.

6. Giant Sunny Side Up Eggs

Wake up drooling with the classic sunny side up eggs!

7. Giant Cigarette

A giant message to tell everyone to quit smoking.

8. Giant Spoon

Is a giant spoon necessary? The question is why not?

9. Giant Beach Chair

Sit by the beach and relax. This bench provides both shelter and an epic seat for an epic Instagram shot that you will remember for a lifetime.

10. Bowling

Made in Oakland USA by Claes Oldenburg and (born Dutch) Coosje van Bruggen. The work of art represents a bowling ball hitting 10 pins and is almost 33 ft (10 meter) tall.Situated at the corner of the Kennedylaan and Fellenoord in Eindhoven.

11. Dropped Ice Cream Cone On A Building

“Dropped Cone” by Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen, sculpture.

12. Giant Hands At Venice Canal

A recent report on climate change that claimed, if we fail to slow down the rate of rising sea levels, Venice will be completely underwater in a century. This critical environmental issue is addressed explicitly in the monumental sculpture, Support, by Italian artist Lorenzo Quinn.

13. Giant Thumb

Leave it to Paris to install a mammoth avant-garde sculpture in the middle of a straight-laced corporate park. Visitors passing through La Défense, Paris’ largest business sector, may not be expecting to find oddball displays of art, but that’s exactly what this park delivers. Standing over 40 feet tall and weighing more than 18 tons, “Le Pouce,” or “The Thumb” was built in 1965 by sculptor César Baldaccini.

14. Red Ball

Will this ball drip water or will it provide a decent shelter from the rain?

15. Rose Sculpture

Rose sculptures by Will Ryman at the Park Avenue Mall, New York City.

16. Whale Mouth Entrance

Giant sculpture makes an epic entrance too!

17. Giant Bat

When Jaegers need an extra weapon to beat the kaiju, this bat will come in handy!

18. Giant Apple And Ant

Antman’s ant buddy is out there eating giant apples! I guess people are starting to get used to superhero bugs.

19. Giant Knitting

“Giant Knitting” – Sculpture By The Bay project, Australia. Don’t drop a stitch, someone could get hurt.

20. Paint Splash

The artist Tomas Misura from NSW called this sculpture ‘Splash’ and said “Explores the dynamics of a moment in time, in the form of a contemporary piece”.

21. Giant Paint Brush

Claes Oldenburg unveils his latest outdoor sculpture — a giant paintbrush — outside the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia.

22. Daisy

Seattle: The Urban Garden, by Ginny Ruffner, is a kinetic sculpture with a daisy that spins like a windmill, bluebells that open and close and a tipping flower can.

23. Puppy The Flower Sculpture

You can grow a bouquet of flowers or you can grow a giant dog!

24. Dalmation

NYU has built a new state of the art Children’s Hospital. This sweet 24′ tall Dalmatian dog–balancing an actual NYC taxi on her nose (a 2016 Prius)–greets visitors as they enter.

25. Opening Flower Shelter

What is truly amazing is the way that these flowers interact with their surroundings. The flowers open and close in reaction to passersby, inciting curiosity and playfully inviting people to interact with the space. Standing under one of the flowers will cause it to open and stay open until you choose to leave, providing shade and relief from the hot summer sun.

26. Sea Pink The Giant Summer Glasses

It’s pop art at its best; huge, oversized sunglasses at the beach with pink tinted lenses that allow the viewer to see, well, “sea pink.”

27. Giant Fiddle

On the waterfront of Sydney, Nova Scotia, a 60-ft. fiddle greets incoming ships. Designed and constructed by Cyril Hearn, the fiddle and the bow reach a height of 60 feet and can be seen by the incoming cruise ships in the harbour.

28. Building Paint Brush

Fasten the paint job of your building with a gigantic brush! This building is gonna turn red in no time!

29. Shuttlecock

Giants love to play shuttlecock. It seems that they forgot to pick this one up on their way back! That’s cool because now people can have a picnic under it!

30. Giant Traffic Cone

It’s probably there to guide giant monster trucks!

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