30 Artistic Seats That Brings Color To Life

Chair is possibly one of the life’s greatest invention. The simple principle draws across the various designs. It must be high enough and comfortable to sit on. As for the rest of the details, we can pretty much go crazy with it. How crazy? These designs will tell all about it!

1. Typewriter Bench

All 26 characters has its place here on this set of QWERTY keyboard bench! It’s probably one of the best benches that you can have out there to have a book gathering on.

2. Egg Chairs

Wake your morning hunger with appetizing seats! It’ll make an amazing ambiance to complement your breakfast!

3. Banana Peel Chairs

It’s banana peel that you can sit on! No worries about stepping on it and get the risk of slipping. It’s too huge to be overlooked!

4. Knitted Bench Monsters

Not all monsters are bad! These warm and cozy chair not only look fancy and friendly, they’ll also treat you well shoudl you ever want to sit on them. Makes a great Instagram spot too!

5. Romantic Posts

This is literally a romantic post! Somewhere out there, there’s a couple of posts being lovey-dovey in a public park.

6. Handheld Bench

These strong arms will support the weight of your life!

7. Magically Lifted Fabric Chair

OMG! The floating hands are lifting this piece of cloth that is forming the shape of a bench. Is it safe to sit on?

8. Playing Card Bench

You can make any structure with a card. That includes a bench!

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9. Pencil Bench

If you could pry one of these color pencils out, you’ll have enough pencil color supply to last a life time!

10. Stacking Zig Zag Ruler Bench

If you could have pencil bench, then why not ruler benches as well right?

11. Floating Hats Benches

Those are some humongous hats! Who would have a head that big to fit in perfectly?

12. Phone Lighted Statues On Bench

Don’t worry about people talking to you because everyone is occupied with their smartphones! This bench is not just a bench. It’s basically an art that delivers a strong message on how technology is replacing human interaction. Makes sense why this bench can only have seat for one!

13. Bench With Post Holding Umbrella

The post is being nice. So, it should be safe to accept its offer and chill out on that bench right?

14. Lighted Flower Pods

That’s some beautiful flowers! Stalks of them are erected on the ground with a soft cushion seat as the base. It’s definitely a unique night attraction that will draw thousands.

15. Topography Street Bench

A combination of multi-leveled platform forms a unique seat that becomes a crowd favorite. It’s not just a normal bench. It has a combination of different elements such as different levels, elevated planters and a nice wooden finish. It certainly makes the wait for public transport less boring.

16. Winged Swing

A seat can be very normal but when placed at a beautiful setting, it becomes a stunning spot that you would want to have an Instagram picture with!

17. Couple Post Bench

There’s lots of friendly posts in this post! Here’s another couple welcoming you to this seat in this beautiful garden!

18. Flower By The Edge

Sometimes, a simple seating area can be a simple platform to sit on and enjoy the view. This flower-shaped platform makes a nice Instagram-worthy spot!

19. Tulip Chair

Integration of art with functionality is always a lovely thing to have! Not only it cheers up the community, you also get a nice thing to sit on when you need it.

20. A Cup of Seats

It’s a cup of wonder! This huge cup is probably left by the giants since ancient times. Now it becomes a photography spot for passerby.

21. Solar Wifi Flower Bench

You probably have seen art and functionality combined in this mix of chairs. Here’s another one with the technology element added in! It grants wifi using solar power. These people are probably glued to these seat for good with the free wifi!

22. Shark Bench

Watch out for urban threats! Sometimes, you might find a shark sneaking up behind you while you’re sitting somewhere! Be on the lookout!

23. Twisted Chair

Why put a normal bench that could fit 12 people when you can have a twisted one that could fit 8? Having less chair means more people will turn to eateries for seat and food!

24. Circling The Avenue Round Bench

These circular seats just challenge the norm of a normal chair design. You could probably be in one of these and doze off till dinner time!

25. Wall-Embedded Wooden Relax Chair

A good wall not only allow you to see through the beautiful view. It also would have a bench integrated into its design just in case you need a quick nap. Traveling can be tiring!

26. The Uneven Surface

Picnic table is a thing of the past. Open up to picnic platform! It has indentation and uneven surfaces that you can lay on! Talk about outdoor napping spots!

27. Please Be Seated

This huge installation of wavy seating that expands from the middle is just what we need to have a different focus on in urban landscapes. It’s eye-catchy and also functional at the same time. You could be greeting your cousin from Zambia and tell him to meet up at the round wavy seat thing and it’ll click just right in!

28. Light Cloud Bench

It’s glowing cloud that you can sit on! It’s gonna be one of the coolest hangout place that you can be at night!

29. Root Bench, Seoul

Somewhere in Korea, an artist made a unique installation of wooden platform that converges towards the center. The platform serve as both walking area and also a bench. It almost look like the perfect spot for community BBQ session!

30. Reverse Bench

Hope that reversed chair on top is not just for decoration but also can provide shade!

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