25 Great Tire Sculptures That Will Amaze You

Tires are essentials in transportation. But, it’s not excluded from wear and tear. Ever wondered what happen to them after they’re discarded? They don’t biodegrade hence, they’ll actually be left accumulating as they form a mountain. Some shreds them and use it as landfills. However, there’s always more ways we can apply to make use of this waste. That’s when art comes to the rescue. These tire sculptures don’t only look good, they’ll blow your mind!

1. Body Figure

Sculpt the body of your choice! Like literally! Come to think of it, it makes a nice mannequin as well. Maybe clothes retail shop should start adapting tire models to display their clothings?

2. Palm Tree

Add some tropical touch to your garden with a tire-made palm tree! It’s totally maintenance free!

3. Rubber Duck

This is literally a rubber duck and at a huge size at that. Doubt it will float but still looks amazing nonetheless. It kinda trigger my instinct to climb over it too!

4. Tire Swing

It’s just a single tire that is cut carefully to the shape of a parrot! The color is a total spot on! It’s all the signature colors that a macaw parrot would have. Truly stunning! It makes a fun tree decor too for your yard.

5. Cobra

Watch out!! It’s a deadly black cobra! One of the fiercest of its kind! Okay okay, that would probably something you would want to say to prank your friends. Putting that aside, it does look amazing and scary as well! Maybe you can ward off thieves with it!

6. Goat Tire Sculpture by Artist Yong Ho Ji

Hands down on this! I’s a goat head sculpture made out of tire by none other than the Korean artist, Yong Ho Ji! Ceramic vase and flower pots in the home are just too mainstream as decor. It’s time to put in tire sculptures into the mix as well!

7. Alien

Not all sculpture is about nature! Sometimes, it can be sci-fi creepy crawlies that sends chills to your bones! This alien is probably a typical creature that you can see in horror movies or games. The tire texture used also complements its appearance. So, it kinda give it a alien-like appearance.

8. Otter

Otter will definitely make your pond looks more lively! This tire sculpture would make a fine addition to decorate as it can withstand the punishment from weather.

9. Zebra

This zebra sculpture is another majestic creature from the wild Africa that makes a nice home decor without killing the animal. Zebra symbolizes the free and wild spirit that lives in everyone. If that clicks with you, then zebra is probably your spirit animal!

10. Elephant

Mesmerizing and stunning is basically two words to describe this gentle giant as it strolls gently through the forest floors. The same can be applied to this tire sculpture of an elephant too!

11. Lion

Majestic and powerful! This lion stands strong looking over it’s territory! Such a fine art is truly something awesome to have in your garden!

12. Bull

Another amazing sculpture that deserves a special place in your living room! Bull symbolizes strength and power.

13. Chimpanzee

Chill with the chimpanzee! I love the details! The curve of the muscles, the facial expression and even to the fingers of the chimp is made in great detail!

14. Raven

These sharp talons look scary! Well, this sculpture isn’t entirely made out of tires. It has metal frames involved and they look so well together! The talons won’t be as stunning if they use tire instead.

15. Gorilla

That’s a mighty gorilla! To be honest, I feel intimidated by it! The spikes coming out from the tire strips are trying to simulate the fur effect of the animal. It’s totally an amazing work.

16. Crocodile

Another fantastic work. It’s gonna look so great in the pond just laying there, chilling.

17. Dinosaur

This monolithic sculpture is like a mini version of Godzilla. Various tires of different sizes are stacked together. You can see the torso of the sculpture has a larger tire that can be from tractors.

18. Horse

It’s almost like the size of a real horse and it’s about to charge!

19. Rhino

Rhino are getting extinct. This maybe one way to instill awareness through the art of tire sculpture!

20. Panda

The idea to create sculptures out of tires are really limitless. Here’s one panda with painted part to resemble its signature black and white color. And, it totally looks almost like the real thing!

21. Eagle

If you can have raven, you can have a mighty eagle made out of tire!

22. Toy Car

Something cute for the garden. It’s gonna be a crowd favorite among the kids too!

23. Garden Snake

Yikes! This garden snake almost got me fooled! The way you color it is truly the essence of this tire art. It’s basically just three huge tire stacked in a triangular shape. The color is what gives it life.

24. Tire Armor

Putting chain armor in castles maybe a thing in the castle. But, if you’re looking for something similar, you can go for a lighter version of it with tire sculptures too actually!

25. Carved Tire

It’s a simple tire that is carved with flower patterns and textures. Now, it’s good enough to be put up on display. You can set it up outdoors too because it’s tire and it’s made for rough weather!

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