15 Fun Photoshop Photos of Everyday Objects- James Popsys

Photoshop is a powerful tool when put into the right hands. With a little sense of humor, one can create quirky photos that is fun to see. One artists of such caliber is James Popsys. This London-based artist doesn’t only take pleasure in creating stunning Photoshop art, he is also a photographer and a Youtuber. James demonstrate quirkiness in his Photoshop art. It reflects his creativity as well as a unique side of how interesting a thing or a place can be from his point of view.

From outer space flights to a door that leads to a whole new world. These fantastic edits by James will be fun to look at. Please your eyes with some of these fine works by this creative artist!

Credit: James Popsys

1. Crane Tea

It’s a giant tea cup served with a giant tea bag. There’s no other way to do this than to use a crane!

2. Cereal Satellite

Broadcast your favorite cereal to the entire world with the right cereal satellite bowl!

3. Latte Turbine

We all know that coffee covers people in the morning. Did you know that it powers airplanes as well?

4. Phone Plane

Send your phone gliding through the air whenever you’re frustrated by installing wings onto it!

5. Donut Tower

If this is real, it’s probably one of the greatest way to advertise a donut!

6. Luggage Cars

When we travel, we want to bring everything with us. There’s no other way to do it than with these reliable luggage cars!

7. Droplet Diver

You may have dived in the deep of Bahamas islands but have you dived in a droplet before?

8. Spring Glasses

This glasses allows you to see the wonders of spring when it’s fall. What a handy thing to have to cheer yourself up!

9. Elect-tree-city

People do extreme things for the go green effort. Scientists somehow manage to create an elec-tree-city tree that could power the entire nation!

10. Wifi Cloud

How can we live without Internet? This Wifi cloud is just what we need to provide free Internet to the entire continent!

11. Basketball Building

It’s a giant basketball hoop installed onto a building. Be alert! There could be giant basketball players running around to slam dunk that ball onto that building and crushing the entire structure!

12. Candle Building

There’s light house and there’s candle house. This candle house serve as an iconic building of the city.

13. Hotdog Grill Building

Out with the donuts in with the hotdogs! The building is designed to grill donuts all day long!

14. Ocean Hiking

You can never call yourself a true hiker until you hiked the ocean.

15. Flight to Space

When you’ve done traveling around the world, try travel to other planets!

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