10 Awesome & Luxurious Cat Bed Designs

Cats are one of the most common household pets all around the world. They’re cute and fluffy. Just patting them can reduce stress. That’s why we have things like pet therapy. Interacting with pets is one of the recognized methods to destress. Which is not a huge surprise that everyone around you are getting pets. Having pet is a huge responsibility. They need to be cared and loved. There’s no better way to make them happy than to give them a unique and stylish furniture for them to play with. Let’s check them out!

1. Goldtatze Cat Climbing Furniture

It’s a giant climbing playground for cats! A German company(Goldtatze) has created this beautiful setup of bridges and platforms that your cat can enjoy. There are ceiling-mounted walkways, climbing poles, stylish cat beds and more. Each piece is uniquely made – allowing one to customize them as to their liking. They’re not only functional, they’re also decorative. The company uses reclaimed wood to create their furniture – it’s a great way to help earth by reducing carbon print. If you have several cats in your house, these setup will be a heaven for them.

People would usually have shelves and photos on their wall. But, why go for that when you can have walking bridges and platforms for your kitties? It’s also amazing to see that they have a elevated cat bed that looks like forked branches that kinda look like bird’s nest. These beautiful creations totally transforms your home into a beautiful exhibit of the luxurious cat life.


2. Game of Thrones Cat Sofa Bed

Based on the famous fictional TV series, Game of Thrones is coming for your cats! Kate, the creator from Ukraine has made a cute bed inspired by the throne in that famous show. It is entirely handmade using materials such as plastic, polyester filling, fleece and tissue. Silver plastic swords are glued around it as decoration. This bed looks very appealing. Your pet can have a great place to sleep in and at the same time a cool pet house that adds to the aesthetic of your home. Available at Etsy. Checkout the source link below!


3. Meyou – A Cozy Cat Coccoon

A well mix of comfort for your kitties and decoration for your home – Meyou is one contemporary cat bed that suits most homes with modern interior accent. Elegance and functionality becomes the core reasons for the invention of Meyou. Your cats will be able to use it as shelter, observe the surrounding, hide or sharpen their claws. Not only your cat will enjoy this comfy coccoon, it also act as a decoration for your home. This deluxe cat bed is made of solid wood, cotton and felt. Each design is handmade and can be stored easily when not in use. Checkout their Kickstarter page via source link below!


4. Kitty Meow – Stool & Cat Bed Combined

The world deserves more pet-friendly furniture and this is it! It has a yawning feline face design, making it the perfect thing for cat lovers. The cushioned top of this yawning cat-faced stool provides comfort for people who wants to sit on it. While cats can choose to crawl into the mouth of this cat head furniture for a nice and cozy nap.


5. Cat Hammock In A Box

It is well-known that cats love boxes. It’s like their most favorite item in this whole wide world next to fish. Cat Above Company designed this cat hammock in a box that can allows any cat to snuggle in it for hours. The box is made to be durable – heavy-duty cardboard is used. The hammock gives the cat an elevated hangout spot. It is easily removable for laundry purposes. There’s also a huge opening in the box which allows your kitty to checkout the surrounding. Hit the source link below if you’re interested in getting your hands on this item!


6. Roped Cat Bridge

Have an adventurous cat? This piece of pet furniture is the perfect gift for your little kitty! The bridge is perfect to be setup across the top of the doorway. You might need to setup some lower platforms so they can get up there. The furniture piece is handcrafted from pine. It uses metal brackets to provide stability to the bridges. The bridge also has twine railing which can comfortably support cats that wants to nap in the middle of the bridge . Visit the Etsy store via source link below!


7. Modern Rounded Top Cat Bed

This is such a unique DIY creation that is not only a wonderful gift for your cat but also cheap to make. The rounded top gives a little sense of privacy to the cat considering that they like to hide. A thin lining of cushion is placed on the bottom to make your cat comfy. To make this, you need a tube 16 inches in diameter, acrylic paint for the external coloring, and soft fabric or foam for the cushion. Checkout the tutorial via link below.


8. Fish Born Cat House

Cats love fish and so, letting them live in a fish-shaped house will fill them with joy and delight! This clever design of cat house puts a cat into the belly of a fish. Its made with constructs of slices of birch wood of different sizes. When put well together, they form the shape of a fish. What’s great about this design is that it has very good ventilation. It is open-aired and allows the sun to come in as well. You can always know if your cat is sleeping in there. It is quite minimalist and stylish too. Definitely suits your modern living home.


9. MeowFelt – Felted Cat Houses

MeowFelt is the creator of various felt based artistic cat beds. They’re designed in the form of animals and plants like panda, fox, pumpkin and even Christmas tree. The felt is strong and durable. It is also capable in providing your feline friend with a cozy and comfortable cat cave to rest in. Checkout the source link below to go to their Etsy shop. These creators from Ukraine are the right people to look for if you want something contemporary for your home and your cat.


10. Cone by Wiski

It’s a contemporary cozy cat bed which is also a scratch post that your cat will love! It shaped almost like a cone with roofing that is made of natural plant fibers, sisal. Sisal is extracted from the leaves of Agave Sisalana which is a succulent plant that grows in dry environment such as Mexico. It is strong and durable making it the perfect material to be used as scratching post. One unique thing about the Cone is that the sisal sheet which wraps the cone can be replaced when it’s worn over time. As for the sleeping nook, it has a round pillow with different colors – one on each side. The sisal wrap doesn’t entirely cover the frame of the Cone. There’s open space on top which also act as a handle. That makes it convenient to put it anywhere. Checkout their Kickstarter page via source link below!


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